Artist Statement

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Cynthia Davis

Hand-Altered Polaroid Photographs

Artist Statement

My interest in art began early in life.  My interest in photography as an art form began at the University of Colorado while working toward my BFA in painting.  After graduation, I apprenticed at the Denver Art Museum’s Photography Department which gave me extensive darkroom experience. I also began to explore alternative photographic processes.


Photography is a technical art medium that is fascinatingly diverse.  I am continually drawn to explore the alternative processes that reveal the human hand at work. Exposing the image onto photographic film is for me simply the beginning of the creative journey.

The Polaroid SX-70 manipulation process initially attracted me because of it’s resemblance to painting. I was entranced that I could physically interact directly with the photographic emulsion. I discovered that I could blend colors, create textures, and etch lines. I learned to “paint” with the Polaroid Time-Zero film emulsion. I want to stress that no paint, photographic filters or computers are used to achieve these effects.

As an artist, I strive to explore and reveal personal and alternate realities within an everyday context. My painterly images are simultaneously juxtaposed with the realism of photography creating an ambiguity/duality between photography and painting, realism and expression. My use of day-to-day objects and scenes combined with the textural quality of my style follows in, and I hope expands upon, the tradition of American Impressionism.

Cynthia Davis, © 2009