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Cynthia Davis

Hand-Altered Polaroid Photographs


Hand-Altered Polaroid SX-70 photographs

The colored emulsion of the Polaroid Time-Zero film is soft at first, almost the consistency of wet paint. With the aid of a magnifier and fine styluses, I physically manipulate the layers of this soft emulsion to achieve painterly textures and lines. NO PAINT, FILTERS, OR COMPUTERS ARE USED TO ACHIEVE THESE EFFECTS.

I sometimes then scan the Polaroid to make a digital negative and then enlarge the image. This further enhances the textural qualities and scale of the image. I print these enlargements either myself or with a reputable lab under my direct supervision in signed and numbered limited editions.

In 2007 Polaroid decided to cease making the Time-Zero film. I was able to stock pile some of the film, however, and continue working and selling my images. My images continue to increase in value and have become collector’s items since the demise of the film and the loss of this innovative art form.